Annette Gamblin

So how can you find out if I am the right person to work with you? Usually it is the ‘About Me’ area on a website that gives you some idea. Initially I was not sure how to offer you an impression of me there. Two approaches came to mind, either to list my professional life and achievements, or to introduce myself in a more personal way.
Well, I have opted for the latter, as the work we do is – essentially – quite personal.



From an early age our garden gate opened into a world of mystery and profound connection through the presence of nature. With one step I was free to roam the adjoining woods, which I did for hours on end. I inhabited ‘special’ places and even built a graveyard for all the dead animals I found, decorating their graves ceremoniously with stones, flowers and other wondrous finds.
Although coming from atheist parents, I felt drawn to find places of worship from the age of six and walked miles to attend church, both Protestant and Catholic; as I now see it – my first infant steps into Interfaith Ministry.
My teenage eyes could no longer see formal religion as a spiritual home and I stopped going to church. My family moved and travelled abroad, where for some years I was plunged into luscious and fragrant new life experiences. One of my favourite places was Jerusalem, the meeting point of the three Abrahamic traditions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. As I walked its cobble stones, ancestry and traditions seeped out from under my feet.

In my twenties I studied many Eastern Traditions and their practices, but never seriously enough and never able to say, ‘this is where I belong’. The search for connection and belonging found its rightful place in my continuing love for music and in a growing understanding of the interconnected nature of life. This led me to study of holistic therapy (homeopathy) full time for three years and while adding a two year postgraduate course I became a practitioner in 1991.
It wasn’t until I encountered the adage of the Interfaith Seminary Many Paths, One Truth that I would finally find my spiritual home. During the study of comparative religion I found myself in resonance with the mystical aspects of many faiths. They seemed to be the many spokes of a wheel all turning to the same centre, a dimension beyond words and impossible to capture by the conceptual mind. The other strand of the two year intensive training taught me that in order to be of useful service to anyone else, I would have to be able to ‘fully show up’ myself.

Finally, after adding an MA in Psychotherapy and Healing Practice, I have begun to integrate all my learning and life experiences and all that I know from the deepest part of my being. I feel fully at home in my work with others, whether with individuals or groups; either through ceremony, spiritual counselling, homeopathy, integrative therapy or teaching.
And from that perspective I can say it would be an honour and a privilege to accompany you on your journey for a while…

Annette welcome